PlayStation 5 is bad news to those who wait!


Interactive entertainment, Sony America CEO Shawn Leyden, according to 2018 for PS5 at E3 is not the right place. The CEO who said We’re not showing new hardware at E3 a product, at least for the next month the roads are closed it looks like. If the PlayStation 5 or PSVR 2.0 if you expect to see the models, the bad news is that the CEO’s straight from the mouth came.

Well, Sony why announce that there are still new consoles, doesn’t it? As the most important reason for this Pro Dec generation starting with the PS4 looks like. Indirectly extends the lifespan of the console, the PS4, the company had to customers who paid for Pro After only 2 years doesn’t want new consoles to offer.

For the first time an APU , it’s not an external graphics card which will work with PS5 when introduced to the model remains hidden. Look, all this despite the weather the downside of Sony’s conference at E3 2018 is the big announcement we can see. Who knows.

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