Playstation 5 in the sense of technical detail, than what should I expect?


The game, which is one of the most famous brands in the world of PlayStation on 3 December 1994 the brand first hit the market. In this era of the Golden Age of game consoles, it’s still our memories have taken place in the games, which the brand also increased its worldwide, Kleenex, adjective managed to turn it into their own brand of game consoles like the Atari‘from his throne he had. The year 2018 is still the best selling console around the world, the PlayStation stand out as. Together with you today, both the PlayStation and threw a brief look at the history of both the PlayStation 5‘S, especially in technical terms, we will look closely at what it might offer us.

Playstation 5'ten teknik detay anlamda neler beklemeliyiz?

PlayStation 1 Technical Details

PlayStation 1, from 1994 up to the present day managed to sell 102 million units in total that he made a name for himself as a game console. In the final game of the best-selling console who too failed to meet our expectations with the construction of Gran Turismo‘satellite. Gran Turismo PlayStation 1‘full had managed to sell 10.85 million units. That might be humorous to us today only in the technical sense, which has a 33.7 MHz CPU PlayStation 1GPU on the side, offering the highest resolution of 640 x 480 pixels resolution and it had a graphics card that can draw the polygon is a maximum of 620.000 seconds. Such a narrow hardware , Final Fantasy 7, Gran Turismo and MGS solid on the graphics side like it came along with the construction still amazes us.

Playstation 5'ten teknik detay anlamda neler beklemeliyiz?

PlayStation 2 Technical Details

In 2000, the PlayStation 1After the huge success of the Sony Playstation 2 and appeared. An incredible number while it is on sale 155 million-selling PlayStation 2 console, making the best selling , Grand Theft Auto: San Andreaswas. On the technical side, also the first PlayStationemotion engine processor, 300 MHz compared to miss, which is equipped with PlayStation 2, 147 MHz GPU. The transition from CD to DVD along with the hardware that you have, which makes the PlayStation 2, in this way, contextual appeared with much more intense and as full productions. The PlayStation 2 is technically in the era that affects us Black, Metal Gear Solid: snake eater, shadow of the Colossus, Gran Turismo 4 was launched on the market, such as productions.

Playstation 5'ten teknik detay anlamda neler beklemeliyiz?

PlayStation 3 Technical Details

It’s time for one of the most legendary consoles of recent times. In the technical sense, it still is more powerful I can say, the games still managed to impress us PlayStation 3, surprised us with this in the period when the price of power. Previous PlayStation‘lara, compared to 100 to 200 dollars more expensive way on the market the PlayStation 3‘S inside the hardware power was coming from the reason why it’s so expensive. Powered by processor 8-core cell processor developed by IBM on the side of the PlayStation 3‘was running at 3.2 GHz each core. Compared to our time, we can count the cell in certain areas is still a very fast processor, compared to the cost of, the PlayStation 3is the price of it has increased. However, in games especially physics has been removed to the forefront of PlayStation 3 still in our minds with scenes that take place in the era we met. On the GPU side, NVIDIA 550 MHz G70 based on the architecture used to the Sony I had a way of election. Compared to 7800 GTX PC graphics cards to coincide with the time of way can be counted on. However, along with the awesome processing power of the processor that had given the developers the PlayStation 3 could do wonders with. Also the occurrence of a single term in the technical sense of the PC World console the PlayStation 3was the first of the year we can say that 3-4.

PlayStation 3 era games, lighting, shadows, coating quality, physical factors and resolution on the side. However, the PlayStation 3,The powers of granting the right of companies Santa Monica, naughty dog , and Polyphony , such as the studio consisted of a small number of. These developers coming out today still succeeds in protecting the more impressive productions.