PlayStation 5% before the fall of 2020, don’t wait


That is one of the most famous companies in the world in running information analysis NPD Mat Piscitellafrom PlayStation 5‘e came to an important estimated. Personal Twitter comments from his account in some Piscitella, PlayStation 5 2020 autumn of the year after the period that would increase explained. Before this period, a new generation, the analyst who said it would be difficult to get out of the console, Sony’s recently organized investor addressed the meeting.

PlayStation 5, will be released after the autumn period of the year 2020

Speaking at the investor conference, the PlayStation brand boss John HTC, the PlayStation 4is experiencing the last period of said that. Players on it, Sony’s new console estimated that it would take soon. But Sony’s game games of more when we look at the calendar we see that it is the largest private unreleased. Part 2 The last of usnext the ghost of Tsushima , and still are not certain what it is, but Bloodborne 2 the games are estimated to be still coming out when it’s obvious. For this reason we can say piscatella a good point.

Let’s see Sonymake an attack of the new console before Microsoft? Or wait for your opponent? Together we will see.