Platinum Games ‘ new game announced Babylon’s Fall


Square Enix and platinum gamesannouncement came from a new game. Babylon’s Fall, PlayStation 4 and steam for 2019 will be the year I predict. Let’s see how Platinum games is a game to be confronted with. The announcement of Babylon’s fall trailer that give you the opportunity to get an impression on how the game works is very difficult to say.

V Square Enix Platinum Games ‘ new game Babylon’s Fall

E3 have passed, we can say that 2018 is quite fertile. Organized by E3 and new game announcements from Square one after another the presentation enix2in new videos keep coming. Square Enix developed by Platinum games, made the announcement of Babylon’s fall. I predict Babylon’s fall will be in 2019 PlayStation 4 and steam. The announcement of Babylon’s fall trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the game however, Platinum Games based on previous games, we can predict that the game will be a game in the action genre again. The announcement trailer gives hints about the theme of the game, gameplay dynamics and Mechanics of the game or we could get an impression about the type, it’s hard to say. Published an announcement video from the link below you can watch.