Platinum games is working on a new action game


Bayonetta series, Nier Automata and cancelled Xbox game Spacebound , known for the company’s game developer Platinum games is working on a new action game. Several who made comments recently Platinum games ‘ boss Atsushi inaba to, a lot of studios were working on the project, he said. These projects are kept secret and yet quite 3 action game bayonetta a new project.

Platinumgames is hiding a secret new project

Platinum games‘s on many different platforms including the mobile platform it’s been known that the game was developing. However to inaba‘s statement caused quite a stir. On the other hand, in his statement to inaba, only they don’t want to make big budget games, all the standard refrains from spending their financial strength to make AAA games, and instead different projects in different budgets said that they found it more convenient to work on. Put more creative things and at the same time, try to develop projects that could enter into competition with the big productions, he added, atsushi Inaba. Working on a new project platinumgamesi hiding a secret for now. Let’s platinumgames in the coming period with news about the new game is coming.

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