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Firstly, a single game for the first time in a long time got off to such a fast start. During the first two weeks in the list, the new God of war, only a day more than 3 million copies managed to sell.

Analysts GTA 5while doing a record in a single game than belirtir for the first time since opening, God of war, the number of sales by reaching out to 3.1 million in just 3 days struck the table with his fist. Moreover, unlike GTA 5, I just need to remind you that PS4 was having a sale for the platform of the game. Because Xbox 360 and PS3 GTA and made for the exit.

This record in the wake of the Santa Monica Studio head Shannon Studstill and Sie, Vice President of product development said:

“Kratos ‘ latest adventure in the US personally I would like to thank millions of fans who decided to be with us. Which your support is really inspiring, every day to go beyond the limitations of the game, we have to push ourselves for a reason. I would also like to thank our amazing team at the studio in Santa Monica. His passion for storytelling on the team is undeniable and I hope we’re not stuck with the traditional one can never be clear. The enjoyment they get from our fans and the game will be remembered for many years which in-game experiences and we’re very excited to see their happiness.”

God of war review – PS4

We’re with the god of war video review. For many years, it is expected that the new God of war game was announced and by 2016, we are dealing once again with all its glory and in all its glory.

The game that we prepared for the paper immediately in the news video you can watch. It’s a nice watch.

:: Have you had a chance to try the game?

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