Pillars of eternity II: Deadfire they announced DLC!


The Titan II‘s the long-awaited game Deadfire‘s release he remained a short time, and RPG lovers can now Obsidian entertainment‘s great sequel can’t wait to see the changes that it performs. While the names behind the game become increasingly difficult to expect 3 DLC‘s made an announcement.

Obsidian entertainment, pillars of eternity II: Deadfire 3 DLC announced

The first downloadable content Pack (ie the DLC), “Winter of the beast” will be released in July 2018 a mysterious island inhabited by a doomsday cult and players to adventure hides an ancient Secret will be open. The ancient evil spirits dimension of the challenges and players, which is the habitat of a mysterious “Beyond” also it will be an adventure.

The second DLC job seeker, Slayer, Survivor, to be released in September 2018, previously undiscovered on an island, players combat skills with tactical skills you will develop as a commander. This DLC will be focused more on the war through ancient ruins.

The third and last DLC the forgotten Sanctum will be launched in November 2018 and the great Wizard to help them or to block them eora of the players ‘ commitment and ethics will be tested. This venerable friendship with mystique playing the forgotten Sanctum will do, you will betray or you want to throw against them? The consequences of your actions, no matter what your decision will be felt in the deadfire archipelago.

Pillars of eternity II: Deadfire, 8 MayPlayStation 4, Nintendo the switch, the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSand Linux will be released for.