Pikachu was the type of Pokemon that belongs in fact very different


A special place among the video games in the Pokemon series, currently played by millions of players around the world. RYO Pokemon own structure, especially for Nintendo’s handheld in a separate place,though, Nintendo Switch’e developed a new generation of the Pokemon game makes the players more excited. However, an interesting fact about Pikachu The mascot of the series and have emerged from Japan. Pikachu and dozens of well-known creator of Pokemon Atsuko Nishida, Pokemon games announced that it is Pikachu designed on the basis of some of the squirrels.

Not the type Pikachu is actually a mouse, chipmunk

Earlier Nintendo, Pikachu continuously as the mouse is designed that he pointed out. The Pokemon series if you don’t have anything to do with this information if you will not show interest to you, but Pokemon fans were quite surprised in the face of this information. Atsuko Nishida claims to have found the sweet squirrels who always said he wanted to feed a squirrel. Also in most games in pokedex specifies the type of the Pokemon, Pikachu is a squirrel instead of a mouse attracts the type of. Games new Pokemon, probably Pikachu after that, the squirrel will be as indicated.