PGI 2018 20 teams in a $ 2 million prize to fight for


PUBG Global Invitational in 2018, the world’s most professional twenty PUBG team with by far the largest organization bringing together 2 million dollar prize pool will bring them face to face. The teams who will participate in the organization, in North America, Europe and Asia Regional shall be selected by a process of elimination. Finals scheduled in the month of July, the first-person and third-person games and the team will be separate winners for the scene of conflict.

Will be a turning point for PUBG Corp

PUBG Corporation CEO, Changhong, Whothe company said was the turning point of the tournament as an indicator of potential. PUBG Co PGI 2018 represent the pinnacle of the competition, except that only PGI 2018from the fans, but also those who will follow PUBG screen at the beginning of the game that they are working to live with the excitement and tension of adds.

Organization, PUBG’s first professional tournament. This past summer GamescomPUBG Invitational in 2017. This, however, has the distinction of being the first tournament of PUBG CORP undertaken by itself. Developer Brendan Greene, the game is solid in the dating scene trying to find a place open to changes, saying that should be said. Thus, we can see the competition stadiums and leagues for many years.

Details about the organization, location, and qualification information regarding the availability of tickets will participate in is expected to be announced at a later date.