Peter Jackson’s new film, The new trailer from mortal engines


Peter Jackson‘s seat she’s sitting in the producer’s new movie, Mortal Engines for a long trailer finally published. King Kong, The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series which has gained an unforgettable place, with Peter Jackson‘s new film was introduced towards the end of last year. Here’s Mortal Engines, trailer film walking with a Turkish name in the last hours of the new cities was published.

Walking the city movie new trailer

Rivers Christian‘sitting in the director’s chair Mortal Engines, Philip Reeve‘s adapted from the novel of the same name. In the movie, Peter Jackson‘s before the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit films worked together with Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh Duo is equipped with. Together with the Director of the film from the same team, because already we can say that it works.

After a tragic battle in the film from the top to the bottom of the balance that is in the earth to see the giant machines that are built on the cities we’re lucky. Movie Hera Hilmar, Robbie Sheehan, Jihae, Ronan Raftery , and Patrick Malahide except for players such as veteran actor Hugo weaving is equipped with. New trailer for the film which will be released on 14 December in which you can browse below.