PC sales hellblade developed for the PS4 is pretty amazing


Ninja theory’s Unreal Engine using an engine developed by action-adventure game Hellblade: senua’s sacrifice game, as you know, 8 August 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC was released. He saw the Celtic warrior in the Viking Age the game with a haunting premonition of the Viking to fight for the soul of his dead lover is about to get the hell out of the way. Described in the sales figures in November 2017, sales of 50% were coming from the PC platform, and this developer like it or not, actually it was expected.

Actually we’ve been waiting for the PlayStation 4 the attention of the user

The game Director tameem antoniades in the description, as a team, the game PC version, the PS4 has admitted that they do not expect to sell much. As the priority of the game to the PlayStation 4 under the name of in the direction being considered and said they expect sales to be high. But looking at the sales figures, the PC was divided evenly with half. So the next step is the use of the interface and will be developed for PC gamers for they would be sure that you are doing the right thing, he added.

Ninja theory’one other thing that I surprised the game was that more of the players who played with keyboard and mouse. Afterwards, they agreed that it has control problems in the game. Noted that is working on this issue.