Pacific Victory at sea strategy game comes this year


Evil Twin Artworks , which will be published and developed by real-time strategy game, naval battle Victory At Sea’s continuation Pacific Victory at sea this year.

Victory at sea Pacific will come in 2018

Evil Twin Artworks developed by and published in 2014 about the Battle of the sea and we saw the first real-time strategy game, which is a continuation of the victory at sea Victory at sea Pacific to 2018, with the game lovers will meet. The game’s PC release date is not yet certain about the exact game, although a promotional video was released.

Open-world real-time strategy game Victory at sea Pacificplayers, the Second World War’s takes into the heart of the Pacific Ocean that occurred in the naval battle. Be able to review the enemy positions in the game in a confidential manner, air and sea against targets as determined by large-scale amphibious you will be able to launch attacks. Also located in the area, by the command of individual ships and planes will determine their fate.

Victory At sea the Pacific published for the promotional video below you can watch.