Özcan young musician Can Honor the lifeless body has been reached


Yesterday came the sad news towards the evening hours, and the young musician Honor özcan‘s disappearance, it was announced. Sile fiber to the sea with a boat between 5 people Onur özcan‘s It was noted that included. 4 people swam ashore but the boat capsized as a result of there Onur özcan‘s body had not been reached. The bad news came in the last minute and Onur özcan‘s lifeless body was found.

Onur özcan musician died

The boat capsized 300 yards in the clearing after search and rescue operations was launched. 4 floating ashore is one of the people who lightning Recep Gul, he was hospitalized, but that couldn’t be saved despite all interventions. Onur özcan‘s after the discovery of the dead body, the death toll was 2 out unfortunately.

Different styles and their own writing, he wrote the agenda from time to time with the song Onur özcan, finally Cardigan a YouTube account 1 month ago with song have appeared. And watched millions of videos on YouTubewith subscribers 234.000 also in the young musician Drake young‘e loneliness of the work on the last album,” he gave his song. him to rest in PEACE, my deepest sympathy to his family and his followers.