Overwatch producer of cross-platform has expressed interest in


Selected game of the year in 2016 Overwatch, day by day, the player is the audience continues to grow. However, the mass of which is slightly less compared to other Competitive games overwatch, we can make a structural change recently. Who is the game Director Jeff Kaplan, has expressed interest in the idea of cross platform and turned it on itself. Previously World Of Warcraft‘s developer on the team who cancel after Titan Tiger working on the project, Fortnite‘s quite successful in this regard was expressed.

For overwatch be cross-platform?

Who said it was a good idea to keep the players together, unlike the tiger, Blizzard, recently cross-platform weren’t any plans, they said. In contrast, Jeff Kaplan, why make a statement like that is unknown. Overwatch the gameplay in the sense of PC and console players in the same environment, it’s impossible for me to exist. However, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to play together, there is not any reason for.

Let’s say Blizzard, Sony , and Microsoft cross-platform agree to change in overwatch will go? Together we will see. Tiger players after the statement was forced.