Overwatch can be played for free during this weekend


Blizzard‘s one of the most played games Overwatch’this weekend s, PC, PS4 and Xbox one for free on played announced. 2.free game anniversary event in the scope of the explanation goes something like this;

Overwatch this weekend for free!

Overwatch and Heroes of the second anniversary activities started again potential Overwatch are given a chance to prepare for war with the free weekend. Players today 25 May at 20.00 CEST(Central European summer time) until Monday 29 May PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4 can access the game on. – Preload is available in the console versions of the game. Membership is not mandatory for the participation of the players PlayStation 4 PS Plus (PS plus subscription will be required to play after purchasing).

During the free weekend OverwatchHero 18 and 27 map, quick play, Custom play and various game modes such as the arcade would be open. Players can also level skipping, and various loot box will be able to access the personalization options in winning. Players if after the trial, Overwatchclick if they want to get the same Blizzard, Xbox LIVE or Sony Entertainment edinlik free as long as they use the accounts they will lose their progress during the weekend.

Free weekend enjoy!