Overwatch at the moment the number of players reached 40 million


Blizzard Entertainment developed by quite popular by players of multiplayer first-person shooter game Overwatch the number of players reached 40 million.

The number of players had reached 35 million in 2017 Overwatch

Blizzard’s game during this period next year which will celebrate the second anniversary of Overwatch Full a major success by signing a 40 million players was able to reach. Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced today a developer update. The second anniversary of the game, and some old content to be unlocked with overwatch cosmetics that will add to the game are preparing to celebrate a seasonal event. Also Tiger, mentioning the game to reach 40 million players, as of October 2017, 35 million to 40 million the number of players increased by an estimated five million people now reaching found.

On the date of 24 May 2016 in the market place that Overwatch the increase in the number of players in the game nowadays it can be said that it is visibly slowing down, but in spite of that increase may be seen as a good development to continue in the name of the game. In addition, the developer will come with the update of the event, which 22 May – 11 June is expected to take place between the dates of. Below you’ll find a video on the subject.