Outlast series has scored a record hard to break!


First PC for gamers Steam horror game from the platform at the $ 19.99 price tag. The development of the game and deployment costs the company to 1.4 million Canadian dollars let me state that exploded. For the second game, raising the bar in the company of 7 million Canadian dollars spent that they had shared. Because of this, we have an increase in the price of the game and the players from $ 29.99 it was demanded.

Finally the CEO of red barrel Philippe Morin, Outlast , and Outlast 2 games in a total of 15 million units sold officially announced. With the sales figures this when the developer spending a total of 45 million Canadian dollars of revenue.

Morin descriptions found in the case of exciting new games. The prototype specified at the stage where the new game remains the company’s new approach say they are looking for. Red barrel that they are satisfied in working to offer the best way to approach this. In this sense, what kind of budget you will have reduced determing whether it is important. The CEO does not know at this time doesn’t hesitate to express that. Game Outlast 3 The Future is currently unknown.

Outlast horror game series which has become the most popular of recent years, will continue to be controlled by you it looks like.

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