Outlast of the development team gave up on Outlast series


Recently, Outlast managed to get a hit with millions of games in the classification, with horror , Red Barrels, the team Reddit on fans at a question and answer event, answered the questions of the curious. Who talks about his new projects developers have announced that they are working on another game, except this time outlast. Last game, the first game saw the interest that developers still can’t make up who they are pleased with the sales. Especially YouTube and Twitch broadcasters, thanks to the Outlast reaching a great audience, there are many new gameplay mechanics, but also he was loved by the players.

The developer is working on a new game outlast

Red Barrels‘s working on it is not yet clear what will be new for the game. More developers who are at the very beginning of the project, eighth-generation console will buy the game before the end of the generation. The story is more immersive in the sense of a narrative that confronts players with the team in the second game, the new games will probably show themselves single again with a completely scripted production.

The first details of the game maybe next E3 2018 at the fair we can see them. For now, we think of anything else except wait.