Orkun heating and Berkcan Trust against the ninja!

PUBG, copy content from fortnite is suing!

The competition between Fortnite and PUBG is in progress, while the interesting event was marked by an unexpected agenda. PUBG opened a case with copyright and copy the content to the point of Epic Games said. Based in Korea, opened the case, according to a copy of a kind of fortnite pubg to another is not a thing! PUBG this information about you will be very surprised! Copy content between Fortnite and PUBG fight! The month of September…

Twitch broadcasts were among the invitees who break records this interesting and meaningful game Ninja, NBA player Paul George, actor Joel McHale, the YouTube Publisher Markiplier, American wrestler Tyron Woodley has many famous names such as. Other business names who will take part in the event will continue in the coming days to explain.

From Turkey Orkun Heating and Berkcan Trust’s participation in this match Wednesday 13 June Turkey day time 01.30you will be able to watch live online from.

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