Origin game added eight new private Access to the subscribers in the system


Tens subscription that allows you to play the game in the Origin Access the service, the structure of Mad Max , and Brothers: A Tale of two sons , including eight new games are being added.

Origin, Access-site service expands

Subscribed by paying a monthly or annual fee which allows you to play the games that are included and the access origin, the system being included in new games at specific times. Previously around 40, which included a game of the system, The newly added eight-game, along with this number increased to 100. The service opened to other publishers, except EA’s own last month. Moreover, last month, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Arkham City, Arkham Origins series and witness the impressive as the games are added to the system. Origin-access Membership prices are 3.99 Euro monthly subscription and 24.99 Euros as an annual subscription have been identified. If you want to take advantage of the system and the service is a member of the first Origin you need to download.

Finally, you can browse the list of games newly added to the library downstairs.

*Prison Architect

*Brothers: A Tale of two sons




*Mad Max

*Pillars of eternity: Hero Edition

*Torment: Tides of numenera