Opens the new server for the steam version of black desert online


Black desert Online last week, special discounts, and new to the server, the Steamopened. Steam on black desert Onlinewith intense interest shown in a ‘bestseller’ for 3 days in the first place in the rankings of the game producer and publisher, Pearl Abyss announced that it will open a new server to meet the demand for three days without yet.

Black desert Online new server opens

Gotta Ramadan activities and with the opening of the new server, the players, showed great interest, The Black desert, the game has achieved a first by adding 3 different classes at the same time. Striker with different features and animations, the mystic and the Black Knight, said hello to the world of black desert dangerous but just as much fun.

The end of last year in Turkey, black desert Online, steam and opening his private server with 50% discount, that was one of the players showed the most interest in MMORPG’s. Recently opened much demand for the number of servers in the server to see the total to 9, the Steam the number of servers you have upgraded to 2 black desert Online continues to grow. Steam with emphasis with the opening of a new black desert Online, Ramadan a visual update for May 19 youth and sports Day’celebrated with fireworks visual show attended with ni players. On the occasion of Ramadan, a new update adds to the game black desertnight with moon and stars theme brought a breath of fresh air to the game.

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