Opened a private training Academy for those who want to be a Jedi


The animated series and the movies you’ve dated in years, thanks to a great brand which has become Star Wars, a fantastic culture, and has become a philosophy of life for some people. For this reason, Germany, founded in Cham Jedi Academy, Jedi teaches the philosophy of being a special training course. In the same movie, people like to fight as Jedi at the Jedi Academy for the education of the power you are learning to progress in the path of Justice as well as shows. At the same time, this Academy of Disney and Lucasfilm‘s’who are training to fight with a lightsaber that he carved in a single Academy.

A special training course for those who want to be a Jedi began

Jedi olmak isteyenler için özel bir eğitim akademisi açıldı

Seventy Seven Academy opens its doors to the public in that Jedi can reflect your style. Star Wars fans in this tutorial that literally enters the spirit of fun is alive we can say that. Which has a fairly large universe of Star Wars, and other popular brands that you can’t make in this way culture is doing it. People 2-hour live entertainment as well as to putting the doors to a whole universe of Star Wars it should be said that is the temple of the hundreds of Jedi over the world.