Online Nintendo how much will it be? Will be serving Turkey?


Console players, especially if playing online multiplayer games as you know have to pay an amount for services. Of course, that brings different advantages outside the online game free games and services. Who set foot about this for a long time, Nintendo has made a statement in the autumn months and recently announced the opening of Online Services. Here’s the online Nintendo‘s details in the morning hours was set.

What is Nintendo to be online?

Free Nes games, with options such as installation and registration, voice chat Nintendo Online have been available in America right now. Probably the same in Euros in Europe, these prices will be reflected with the figures.

Nintendo Online kaç para olacak? Türkiye servisi olacak mı?

Of course, this features and price after the announcement of Nintendo mind Online Turkey leg. CD media within Turkey, which will be officially Nintendo‘s online service will allow you to open a special pricing or not yet officially in our country is not known. Personally, I don’t think such a thing would be, but I hope Nintendo’s also with the necessary attention in our country in the later stages these steps are discarded. Because CD media, retail theft, is a company that focuses on boxed physical products or so. In this regard, at least in the first stage, European Online Services, and naturally the price of the euro it looks like we’re going to use. The price of the service that will be opened on September 20 and general characteristics;

– Monthly fee of 3.99$. Three 7.99 monthly fee of$ 19.99, while a 1-year charge will be$. Also for different accounts from the same console family annual membership price 34.99$, defined as it was.

– The NES games free for the players participating in the system will be given. That the numbers will rise in the future in these games balloon fight, Dr Mario, Super Mario Bros 3, Donkey Kong, ice climber, the legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Soccer, Super Mario Bros., and tennis courts. Some of these games also have online features will be added.

– Game now records online, you will be able to install the system.

– One of the most important characteristics of the system, of course, to play the online game is coming.

– All of these features indicated that some applications would submit except Nintendo’s. for example, the smart phones from this application and it will be switch for the online application or if you wish to compete in voice chat Messaging suite.