Online game inspired from the Pokemon series announced Temtem


Temtem in general, Pokemon is a game that is inspired from the series. But at this point, because there is a different Pokemon‘s focuses on the way that had done for many years. If yes, Pokemon if like me you’re a big fan of the games for years, “why aren’t made online Pokemon game?” he complained. The team also will be curious about the answer to this question here Crema Games which they decided to make a game of this genre.

Temtem like Pokemon announced

In a statement the production team of games Pokemonwere inspired from He didn’t hide that well. Looking at the video already posted, the gameplay of the classic Pokemon games we see that they are like. dynamics directly, as well as moving around the grassy gotta Temtem transferred to the named game. The difference is that you’re not the only player in the map. As shown in the first video posted, there are different players on the playing field running. The aim of the game is already the full name given to different creatures and just catch Pokemon, challenge other coaches in the series.

Soon Kickstarter will begin the process which Temtem‘s a different world as to be worth investigation would be indicated. The first promotional video of the game goes something like this;