One of the founders of Atari, TED Dabney lost his life


One of the most important figures in the game world, Ted Dabney‘lost their lives in Korea. One of the most important icons of the game world, the company is one of the founders of Atari, Ted Dabney (on the left), passed away at the age of 81.

Atari’s founder passed away

A famous name in the history of video games with news of the death of a close friend of dabney interested and at the same time , Leonard Herman announced. “Heritage will live for a long time.” who utters the words Hermanthe advertisement shared through your own Facebook account. Last year, in an interview with Eurogamer who Dabney,, in this interview, stated that he saw cancer of the larynx and treatment.

1971 Nolan Bushnell with Syzygy developed under the umbrella of computer space called the device he had taken a step into the gaming world with. Then Bushnell with Atari establishing his firm, and Pong has achieved an incredible success with a specially developed version of the game named Dabney, 1972, had decided to leave the company because of a disagreement. Of its own shares in that period, of$ 250,000 selling price Dabney, and afterwards continued his career as a computer Engineer at different companies a few games at low doses.