On Mars, NASA’s giant Pac-Man released photos of the crater


Human the eye in the sky from the day it was planted, the imagination of the power of the stars likened to various things together. At this time Nasa on the surface of a crater, 80′s famous arcade game PACMan compared.

On Mars a giant Pac-Man got caught in the lens of the crater

NASA‘s Mars surface pictures along with sharing, many speculation brought amateur astronomers, curious alien Hunters, scanning every inch of these photos, compared to the various aliens of the rocks on Mars, NASA’s shared about photos comment had cause to. This time is shared by NASA Mars surface in the photo will be familiar to players of PacMan came up with the resemblance. In fact, a collision crater crater, immediately gamers Pac-Man the crater as described. Especially with the help of the shadow upon the crater, the crater really like Pac-Man, we can say that.

Pac-Man eating creatures it should be said that the photo has been captured. In the past years Pluto for the first time, high-resolution camera imaged with was retired, had aroused the curiosity of a heart shape in the middle of the planet. It’s difficult to know what that harbors for space mysteries. As technology progresses, space is conceived to new exciting discoveries.

NASA Mars'taki devasa PAC-MAN krateri fotoğraflarını yayınladıNASA Mars'taki devasa PAC-MAN krateri fotoğraflarını yayınladı