Officially Nintendo products in Turkey during the month of May


Nintendo‘s Turkeythat Nintendo would make an official entrance into the switch, now officially titled we will inform you in our news in our country to be sold. Distributor of Greek origin CD media entered the Turkish market, and Nintendo products in Turkey, officially they appeared to offer for sale. This news sevindirse players, Nintendo products will be sold in our country when I had been curious about where.

Towards the end of the month of May, Nintendo will be sold in Turkey Labo

Apparently the players to get acquainted with Nintendo products, you won’t have to wait too much. According to the information received, Labo Nintendo, in conjunction with distributor CD media towards the end of the month of May, the Turkish will meet with those who love the game.

Technical service also will be erile

CD media, Nintendo products at the same time for technical service will provide. This technical service is only guaranteed for products, but also the last Nintendo warranty for products will be issued for a fee of course. Worldwide, Nintendo games are experiencing a decline in price when this price reduction will be reflected in Turkey. Switch with switch with CD media Nintendo and games, officially Turkish players with this move will be met.