Obduction Game Guide

  • This unofficial guide to Obduction is a collection of important tips and helpful hints during the game. The most important point of the guide is the detailed description for the game, in which all the steps and solutions for the riddle are explained. Easy to navigate guide is an important part of the way to do and pictures that point to the most important parts of the environment.
    In addition to the path to be watched, the guide contains a section on the basic game mechanics and a “general recommendation” which collects the most important clues about the game. The guidebook tells and explains all the trophies and achievements available in the cast, and the player gives tips on how to get them. The manual focuses on separate sections of controls and system requirements.

    Obduction is the first person perspective adventure game created with the spirit Myst series spirit. The game concentrates on solving the puzzle of various difficulty to escape the player from the unknown place of discovery of a mysterious planet. Learns the story of the game by communicating with non-playable characters, solving riddles and reading secret notes on the entire planet.

    This Obduction guide includes:
    A rich narrative that encompasses pictures that are rich and that the player must make various steps. It also contains solutions for all puzzles in the game;
    Game mechanics explanation;
    The “general recommendation” section lists the most important tips and hints about the game;
    Information about system requirements and controls;
    Describe all the trophies and their achievements with advice on how to get them.

    Signs used in the guide:

    obduction-guide3Blue color marks all interactive objects;
    The green color marks all the holograms;
    The red color refers to all signs that are non-playable characters.
    Stay in place names and other important tips.


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