Now the main focus of the developers, there are important issues in PUBG


Battle Royale managed to reach millions of players of type playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, every day continues to be updated. The various activities of trying to please the players as well as new maps with the weapons PUBG Corp. made a statement about the game’s new developers. According to a statement, the developers of the game completely now, performance optimization, Server problems and will deal with cheating.

Developers will now ilgililenece optimization PUBG

This time of the day until 1 year out from the top leaving behind Battlegrounds playerunknown’s really hard to understand what’s taking developers so long to solve such problems. Already buffeted by the troubles on the side of the console for a long time, One Xbox on the side a 1.0 version it looks like will not pass. They had discovered different errors stating that the developers of each new patch, now this time they said they’d call performance more errors.

GPU usage is the game to face difficulties on the side, still a large portion of the performance of the CPU to the side loading. So there are problems still in the game FPS. Also can’t get the trick the way for the use of developers who, for this reason, a large portion of players Fortnite‘they decided to do.