#Note mybattlefield


Recently the emerging Battlefield V, was announced officially yesterday with a video. But things at a moment confused. Why are women in the game. here with that tag is complete. My vote on the forums on the site everyone is talking about it. That is a political decision that has even gone so far to say even. I’m certainly not discriminatory. I’ll defend that men and women should be equal at every stage. Many gamers the Second World War,to be at the forefront of women is diametrically opposed. I believe that this is completely sexist. If you ask why, in many of the films we have watched so far, the women nursing at the front, I’ll show just to be shown as people who do. Our knowledge to date, the only movies I need to limit. I will try to explain with examples.

Alas and Alas! The woman takes part in the battle on the battlefield, V

The Second World War,let’s go back to. The whole world deeply wounded the life of millions of people from his home, it was a war. Even today, the effects is still ongoing. War, children, young people, old collided and died. I admit, most of them were male. However, this was a just war, the whole world had taken. It wasn’t the war an audience or group. Until now, United is almost always viewed from the front as we could only see with their eyes. We should not forget that the war front is a lot different. For example, let’s talk about Yugoslavia. Many women on the front lines in the front took place, there were only men made. In Russia, women are more at the forefront of. 800binden more women served in the army. The nurse on the front lines of most of them, even though they were tasks such as carpisanl. Even sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, by killing 309 Nazis had achieved an insurmountable success. Don’t get me started so much that examples. However, there were women who served in the American army. For example, the B17 aircraft bombed the enemy with their position of American women who like soldiers.


Of course, in the war on the front line, rifle in hand, although many of those who are male with a weapon or attack the enemy in this war doesn’t mean we have to ignore the women. When we look at our own recent history, we see women who were martyred during the war of our independence. Some of them are the name, though the name most of them already forgotten. This doesn’t mean they are not there. In the Second World War, the situation is not much different. Front bumper like the men, the women have forgotten the names of, or even no information about their fate has been found.


Of course it’s not always a man with a woman’s physical strength. But a woman different from a man you might want to consider, especially family, if you can’t think of the homeland is under threat. For this reason, I find the output to be correct DICE. However, we know there is a truth. Battlefield V‘S the subject of how to be intense and women will be found. For this reason, it’s early yet to be able to make serious comments on it. Consisting of maybe a woman, we are going to do together, and perhaps only for the task in the game will be a heroine. Lavish without them knowing shake, we players always shape his behavior. I think at this point I need to calm down and wait to get the details.