Nioh JRYO like souls in the world sold what?


First PlayStation 4 platform Niohlater and PC was on the platform in front of the players. Souls games were inspired from the new gameplay Mechs on top of the structure by putting the theme of Japan, I have done that in a good way, explained how through out the day for about a year sold. Directly from team Ninja‘s official Twitter account, according to a statement Nioh, on all platforms, 2 million sales is reached.

Nioh sold what?

Thank you everyone for continuing to #defy death. Nioh has now sold over 2 million copies worldwide! Were you able to find all the coding during your journey?

— Team NINJA (@team Ninja Studio) May 28, 2018

Arena-style combat system which players leave a place to hide during their fight Nioh, items like the variety of weapons draws attention. In the sense of the story does not appeal to every player, the Souls games popular, although not the best among the productions taking inspiration from the souls games.

Two million Sales figure we do not know whether we are satisfied that the developers of. The player many of the audience, especially the PlayStation 4 side that appeal to Nioh‘s currently unknown whether it will have repercussions. Let’s team Ninja, the rest of the game will bring you a surprise and popular? Finally, if you haven’t played the downloadable content of the game, I strongly recommend that you play