Nintendo working on new Zelda game could be


The oyunsefer uncovering a job posting according to, Nintendo, the legend of Zelda series is looking for level designer who will work.

Nintendo does make a new Zelda game?

A Twitter user with the uncovering of the job posting, according to the legend of Zelda series who will work in the level designer, content creation, the enemy designs will work in jobs such as. The dungeon design from the designer section of the famous Zelda Games, the scenario is asked to contribute to. The ability to develop the game on console and you have mastered the language is sought after in other features. This job posting, along with also claiming that Nintendo’s new Zelda game is working on that have emerged. Of course, we have no details except for the job. The new Zelda game, Nintendo Switch‘e or Nintendo’s mobile gaming consoles are being developed for, yet have been shared. Let’s see in the coming days the new Zelda game on the front A description of Nintendo is coming. The output of the switch along with one of the games most anticipated Nintendo Nintendo, the legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with 8.48 million units sold, which it was satisfying to Nintendo’s.

Nintendo yeni bir Zelda oyunu üzerinde çalışıyor olabilir