Nintendo will be the price of the Turkey switch?


Nintendo European countries, the switch 319 euro sold with a price tag. The price of the Nintendo Switch in our country is 1.800 TL is expected to be around. If the expectation happens if the price of the Nintendo Switch compared with European countries, our country will be almost the same level.

Nintendo of switches such as Amazon purchased from abroad in the country, the guarantee would apply. In Turkey, issues such as overheating caused by bending is no longer under warranty, you will be able to fix it. CD media, the first Switch and the Labo products will operate in Turkey.

Emulator Nintendo for PC the switch is coming!

Previously Nintendo 3DS Citra emulator allows games to be played on the team that develops the PC, now emulator Nintendo for PC the switch input to the project.

Nintendo 3DS can come late to Turkey

Still ongoing sales of the Nintendo 3DS, we can say that the second plan will be kept in. Even in Europe criticized due to the cost of the cartridges the Nintendo Switch the game in our country, how it will be the price of yet unknown.

The legend of Zelda: the breath of the wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Splatoon 2 and Kirby productions such as the Nintendo switch 3 to the fore. party developers getting support from.

Switches that you can play both at home and outside Nintendo, Doom, Wolfenstein 2, 18, FIFA and Dark Souls Remastered productions facility.

Also the entire world ravaged Super smash Bros.‘version will be published towards the end of 2018 s switch also.

Nintendo yeni çoklu ekran patenti aldı!

New Nintendo multi-screen patent!

A console manufacturer Nintendo legend is likely to make inroads for the future of multi-screen patents bought. Let’s see how this new technology works.

The most important development in the eshop on Nintendo’s making an entry into the Turkish market, located in the TL to be sold in the games. I hope the game prices are not directly translated to TL at the current rate of the switch. Otherwise AAA productions digital versions of approximately 250 GBP you may have to pay.

Let’s go Nintendo, keep the prices affordable and the Turkish market will be successful this time?

:: Nintendo, can be successful in the Turkish market?

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