Nintendo, Nintendo finally announced the details of online


Xbox LIVE and PSN , which is an online system like Nintendo Online, Nintendo fans since it was announced await. As of today, Nintendo, Online Nintendo‘announced details of. According to the description, Nintendo, the other console according to the firm, will be more lenient. Cheaper price in the sense of pursuing a policy of Nintendo, online application, the registration system will offer you special discounts on the eshop and the cloud. All that aside, how many people we wonder if Nintendo will be online. On 20 September which will be given to the players online will be released along with Nintendo NES games. The NES games, it is certain that they will not attract the interest of the players. Thanks to the emulsifiers already, because most of these games can be played. However, for players who want to play online games such as the PlayStation 2, you have to be a member of this system.

Nintendo online details became apparent

Nintendo is the way online monthly remuneration:

– Monthly fee: 3,99 USD
– 3 monthly fee: 7,99 USD
– 1 year Price: 19,99 USD
1 – year family Membership USD 34.99

In the first place will be given to NES games

– Soccer tennis
– Donkey Kong™
– Mario Bros.™
– Super Mario Bros.™
– Balloon Fight™
– Ice Climber™
– Dr. Mario™
– The legend of Zelda™
-Super Mario Bros™ 3