Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom


The collapse of the Japanese RPGs that emerges from a period when I was in ni no Kuni: Wrath of the white Witch, an epic atmosphere invited us to come. Just FMA in the series as it was his mother, who died with the hope of bringing it back to set out, Oliver, at the same time, the chosen one to a church, although there have been this stereotype that we didn’t go on and you miss the Japanese RPG had greatly the dynamics of turned him against us. here are 2 focused on the link between the world of Ni no Kuni‘s sequel, through the same phenomenon continues. This phenomenon was going on at the very beginning of the game and as it progresses we get more concrete evidence in the name of the connection.

Ni no Kuni II: Kingdom Revenant Review

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Of course, as with most stories, we have a significant source of motivation. Ding dong Dell as the Prince of the kingdom, and at the same time, what can be called our main character , Evan, lost his father, and he will be the king with the coronation on the day when forced to flee her own kingdom. The name of the game is very varied and that receives the portion of the story have shown up here. Evan reclaim their own kingdom within a short period where everyone can live in peace and harmony rather than wishing to realize his dream of establishing a new kingdom set out. We provide both control of course on this trip, so join our group we meet with many new characters and will assume important roles in our Kingdom.

Ni no Kuni 2‘S one of the points that are the most successful here showed itself. We don’t even normally meaning in the shape of dozens of games of this genre the game is trying to add to gameplay in a way. Ni no Kuni there are 2 different dynamics, although these dynamics in a way that all pinned to the story of the game. So, both in story and gameplay “what the hell, why they are beautiful now” is a moment to say you won’t encounter. Moreover, so many different gameplay, considering the type of game has been gathered in a very dynamic way.

There is one more point I should mention before moving on to the gameplay details. A fairy tale JRPG and a game atmosphere this is a game that has taken on the task yourself. Therefore you are confronted with bitches as weird as possible. For example, by the game world to everyone who wants to be king, you need to pass an important exam. After this sinav proved that you can be king, “theKingmaker” is called a creature that you can have. So, in this big world, we can say that everyone is a unique creature who is the king. Here’s the giant Dragon creature, or different statues that we passed the test of sending their own “Kingmaker”we’re getting back. If you’re expecting a gigantic Dragon, like me, this asinine you can laugh too. Here below display Lofty named cute creature in the game, Evan‘s kingmaker it is 🙂

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

2 ni no Kuni combat system with real-time combat system uses. All the creatures you have encountered in the game so you can see in front of you. as you approach these creatures are usually circulating as a group, active-time combat you find yourself in the area. Consideration in detail dozens of the combat system. Your characters, weapons, special accessories or the dress you wear constitute an important place in all of the combat system. 3 party where you can get your character in this system, except for your normal and heavy attacks that can be activated with the trigger button is equipped with different features. of course according to your fighting style each character has its own different characteristics.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

The combat system is the most important factor into a riot Highlander named creatures. Except for the bonuses to you kingmaker Highlander you have to actively make use of named creatures. This time Oliver collected a load of different creatures in the first game, the Highlander‘s given you could say. As the game progresses different types Highlander find you and you find all these creatures that provide different advantages on the playing field. for example, when you can let you upgrade the ones Yesil are active in a certain area, they turned into a big ball of white ones in the field of fight pitches the ball to the enemies and the Burgundy ones again they are making a gigantic beam attack on a specific field. of course, your Shield or fire protection provides resistance against the effects of Highlander – type creatures. You have a hold on Battlefield 4 most of these species. Increase the numbers as your strategy against the boss you encounter, you must change your selection in different ways.