Next generation virtual reality glasses oculus go with the output


Which is representative of the largest virtual reality technology is the oculus, a new generation of virtual reality glasses Oculus Go‘yu released. Work without being connected to any phone or computer that can Go Oculus, as of today, in 23 countries, went on sale. The glasses are $ 199 in the basic version with 32 GBof storage space. If you want more storage space, if your device developers the 64 GBversion of recommends. The device is the price tag for 64 GB version $ 249 is set at. Oculus, which is pretty easy to go in terms of usage, “the easiest way of making an entry into the world of virtual reality” in the discourse, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Oculus are quite confident to go.

Oculus Go, went on sale in 23 countries

Oculus Riftdeveloped in terms of design than the Oculus Go‘s to use is fairly easy. HTC Vive who can’t move like your device, just head can detect your movements. However, thanks to the oculus device without the need for any extra mobility it offers go, this we can ignore the negative side. Oculus hasn’t come yet who Go to Turkey if you want to buy, we recommend a visit to Amazon.