New video: we’re looking at the construction process of human become Detroit


On 25 May ,which will output the PlayStation 4′e specially developed for Detroit: become human’from a new video released. In this video we make the choices in the game, the gameplay or the graphics of the game it’s not. Game art design part, we take a look at.

Detroit: a new video came become human

Quantic Dream‘s PlayStation 4, which was developed for Detroit: Become Human, Cara, Marcus and Connor , including 3 playable in karakwill be R. Heavy rain and Fahrenheit: Indigo prophecy Quantic dream games such as we know from the construction of the focal point, usually that is processed properly, storytelling and Drama. Based on the choices the characters make the story of the storytelling and the embodiment of Quantic Dream ‘s signature you could call. Developed by Quantic dream, one of the things that makes games Special, the producer of his games is quite impressive the visual quality of the art design to the company. In the last games published by Quantic dreram usually gloomy cities who made the last video we take a look at the designs of the art behind the game. The characters in the game of concept drawings and views of your production team, you can browse to the video below.