New the god of war series may be with us for many years


The past 20 just April on the PlayStation 4 Users God of war‘if u finished and if you have the taste, we have good news for you. The review of the game, our director who couldn’t keep the tears in the face of the high notes Cory Barlog, a new God of war would be added to the game five new to the series said. In an interview with the foreign press will continue this series for a long time, giving signals that Cory Barlog “it took 5 years to develop a game, so are we going to see 25-year tall God of war?” in response to the question that was just an expression of some of his speeches, he said.

Five games will be added to the god of war series

However, the experienced Directors at the target of God of war brand to keep alive to the best of its ability. The new generation thanks to its gameplay dynamics, another dimension that carries the series – Santa Monica‘s we wonder if the games would offer all of the features in later. Maybe the old God of war games in the same five throughout the game as the developers expressed will be confronted with the gameplay mechanics?

Cleaned in the sense of the story with the series developers, Kratos‘adventures out of Where do they go?