New strategy game-Iron Throne, will be released on 16 May


Netmarble Corporation, new MMO strategy game for mobile devices Iron throne‘s official launch, announced on 16 May 2018.

The iron throne, is coming on May 16th

The iron throne, 4Plat, developed by Netmarble and published by a new generation of MMO strategy game. Gripping stories filled with unexpected developments and strategic war game classic and RPG strategy game with colorful game components and a completely new gameplay elements, such as tasks offers a level of experience. In addition, the Great War, and various war such as the Battle of the Legion-oriented modes, you can play without losing troops or resources because players offers the pure pleasure of war.

The iron throneto be the king it’s the ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, a strong Alliance of players, and many differing strategies that require active participation with the capital of to war war to win. All of these are completely high-quality 3D visuals, “as the ruler of a medieval Kingdom in creating your fantasy domination” is happening. Players manage their troops and Heroes to various manufacturing systems in the task of the game they rented, and then playing them by continuing to equip heroes with tasks they will find RPG elements developed and manufactured goods.

The iron throne, now worldwide via the official website pre-registration is taking. ( pre-registered players 1,000 gold, and the sword of the great conqueror Conquistador helmet size size, will receive their awards.

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