New Spider-Man movie the trailer looks awesome, literally


Sony Pictures, Spider-Man made an exclusive deal with marvel for the rights of although the rights are still the actual character itself. So, the Marvel cinematic universe outside of the company, in achieving quite different projects are free. Indeed, in this context there’s 2 new movie announced in the coming months. One of them is Tom Hardy’s role in the Venom movie, the animation type of the other Spider-Man: Into Spider-verse. Published a new trailer for this movie, and literally we can say that it looks fantastic.

Spider-Man: Into Spider-verse movie new trailer

Spider-Man: Into Spider-verse, will be in the ultimate universe and the ultimate universe, Spider-Man, miles Morales will assume the lead role in this movie. Of course, in the movie, Miles Morales outside of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in costume, as with the other characters we will meet. Even made the trailer, they’re saying, another of Spider-Man against us the likelihood is high. As the name implies the movie already, the story and the universes of operation in one of the most popular Spider-based on the verse.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller designed by Spider-Man: Into Spider-verse, December 14 will be released in 2018 trailer of the film goes something like this;