New Spawn finally became apparent the lead actor of the movie


Most of the ‘ 90s phenomenon is one of the characters spawn in‘s new movie has done the work for a long time. Who was the architect of the series Todd mcfarlane from time to time Spawn‘s new film in the discourse about the film and we met with a very concrete DESCRIPTION is found in the comments though. Finally, the completion of the scenario described the expected news came and the spawn movie for the lead actor of the movie a little while ago it was officially announced.

Jamie Foxx will portray the character of spawn in the new movie

Todd mcfarlane shared some photos from your own social media accounts, and Jamie Foxx‘s, including these photographs “Spawn we’re hanging out with” the dropped note. So, re-drawn which will be Spawn movie Jamie Foxx‘s would include starring, and Al Simmons (Spawn), it was announced that the character would portray. The subject makes a statement about McFarlane, famous actor Jamie Foxx about 5 years ago with Spawn ever since that conversation they talked about the movie and he himself has stated that it is always on your mind.

Logan will have a dark atmosphere than the movie, and adult that will come with the stamp described earlier Spawn the movie release date is still not clear. In spite of this, the scenario after the emergence of the lead actors and the completion of the project, we believe you would gain a bit more speed. We value and waited hopefully for many years we miss you Spawn a movie, we are faced with.

Yeni Spawn filminin başrol oyuncusu en sonunda belli oldu