New PlayStation exclusive Sony has pledged the future of games


The best-selling console of the eighth console generation, with Sony, where they meet with investors at the event, made interesting comments. PlayStation officials, as well as brand you are the CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, PlayStation new games always gave special promise of the future. The PlayStation brand so are quite naughty Dog, Santa Monica and SIEBEN Bend Studios as a developer, we will continue to see games from good teams. On the other hand, PlayStation Plus who would the authorities give more importance to the service of service 34 million subscribers exceeded, he said.

PlayStation bosses are promised new games

PlayStation Network –800 million hours per week by logging in to the game players who play the game are playing. It raised a lot since the day this kind of statistical who out of Sony, they probably will sign the investment good in the sense of receiving the work. Recently the throne of the Qur’an in the hearts of the players with God of war Sony, this time the Detroit become human again, thanks to will try to win the affection of the players. Finally, Spider – Man with Sony, which is expected to close this year, also plans to 2019 is quite good.