New heroes from the movie Future War to fight to infinity


Marvel StudiosThe Avengers: Infinity War movies after the release in theaters, the world’s fastest-growing mobile game company Netmarble Corp., very popular mobile games in the future to fight marvel, Marvel Studios, more than 70 million users play to enjoy’ the Avengers: Infinity war-themed has announced a new update that adds content.

The Avengers: Infinity war-themed new content is coming

Fans favorite Super Heroes and super villains in the last update for Marvel Studios’ The Avengers: Infinity War’will be inspired by him costumes; these costumes Star-Lord, Rocket, Cull Obsidian, Black Chin, 2.0 Hulkbuster, war machine, Scarlet witch and Doctor Strange will come. Newly developed and new obstacles to overcome a superior enemy mode that offers players the head of Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive were added.

Iron Man and Spider-Man 3. level

Also character-specific updates have been made, Iron Man and Spider-Man new ultimate Skills to the level 3 category is now removed, while the star-Lord, Rocket, Cull Obsidian, Black Chin, Hulkbuster, war machine, and scarlet Witch no longer will be able to use all their potential in the game. S. H. I. E. L. D. lab also minor updates, advanced new advanced device now change the size of the Epic-level tasks, a new shop, the new currency “Size Engagement” and more has been added to the game.

Seungwon Lee, global chief of the netmarble officer; “Marvel Studios’ The Avengers: Infinity war unparalleled success in the cinema it was a great pleasure for us to see,” he said, and “fight the future film about this awesome marvel we are proud that we can continue to add exclusive content,” he added.

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