New God of war in the first three days, managed to sell how much?


Faced by the players in the past week, the new God of war, the players quite liked it. The players who finished the game with great excitement to put the new game has already started. Which is very high review scores God of war‘s was wondering if how much will be sold. April 20 in the first three days of the game were sold. According to PlayStation’s official blog posted on the site, the game has managed to sell 3.1 million units in the first three days.

The sales of God of war is going quite well

PlayStation 4‘S fastest selling new custom game God of war, let’s see how much it will sell over a period of 1 year? Expected to be nominated for game of the Year Awards at the new game, probably dozens of great prizes will be awarded at the end of the year by the community. God of war PlayStation 4 console who do not have players who tore, Turkish subtitle , thanks to the support our country has made their players happy.

In the future, Spider – Man and Detroit: become human again in front of the player with Sony which will be released this year will be more profitable.