New details have emerged of an open world Superman game


Batman Arkham series best signing up to one of the games superhero Games, Rocksteady, is working on a new project what is this project for a long time and is hiding a secret. The company is continuing the construction of this new superhero game-themed was the news that came, and open world Superman game could be that it has been claimed. here’s yet unconfirmed this Superman new details of the game continue to come.

Rocksteady make a superman game?

The details that emerged in 4chan, both gameplay and the technical part made the subject of the game. Also Superman game open-world will be themed and E3 2018 announced at the fair are being announced. The details emerged that goes something like this;

– The game is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine
Metropolis and Arkham Knight will be the last game in open world in the game will be 3 times larger from the town stated.
– We can’t play as Clark Kent, Superman will be just
– Brainiac will be our main enemy
– Superman’s powers will be limited
In – game there will be the dynamics of collapse, and even indicated that some buildings might collapse.
– The combat system in Dragon Ball flying through the air we remember from the series will be like fighting a dynamic
– Game will be in the same universe as the Arkham series
Just as it is in the Arkham series, Superman Easter egg in the game, many of the story (surprise detail) will be found