New destiny Sony 2: Xbox forsaken censored in the video


The second game in the long run a disappointment to play with the destiny series in the coming days, the Forsaken will reappear in front of the player with the update. The new content update, bringing many new bungee to the game, Destiny has enthusiasts excited. However, the Forsaken was published to update the field name of the video (the PlayStation channel on the Xbox One controller is censored. Censored scene for approximately 10 minutes in the video has not escaped the eyes of the players.

Xbox ONE controller on any Ad channel because Sony censored

Sony, yeni Destiny 2: Forsaken videosunda Xbox'ı sansürledi

For those who have forgotten, Sony before Anthem the video that appear in the Xbox controller and the buttons of the buttons has censored the video with your own video editing program was planted. So, on the subject of censorship, Sony’s track record is not clean. On the other hand, initiatives like Microsoft never did.

When we got to the end I think they’re broadcast on official channels needed to watch the videos on their console firms. Which console currently on the market are in fierce competition with such initiatives they are thrusting their prestige firms slightly. On the other hand, Sony and Microsoft outside of the competition between Nintendo will be common in the near future with the switch to this great competition.