NBA LeBron James announced a Special Edition version with 2k19


NBA announced a Special Edition version of 2k19. In the hours past 2K19 NBA‘s cover star LeBron James shared the news with a visual that would be leaked to the Internet, the future of the new information mentioned by 2K Games in the next period.

LeBron James ‘NBA 2K19 adorns the cover of the Special Edition announced

2K Games and us wait too long NBA2K19 special edition , in conjunction with content information was also shared. The content of the special edition of nba2k19 follows;

*100,000 VC points (the game’s currency)

*Myteam 50,000 score

*20 League MyTEAM Pack (one each week)

*LeBron James MyTEAM Sapphire Card

*10 check if the package heat myteam (NBA, one for every week since the beginning of the season)

*5 MyCourt theme for LeBron

*My design court LeBron

*King’s collection – LeBron James 25 pairs.

The game is expected to make its debut on September 11. However, players who have purchased the game for 20 years custom versions will be able to start 4 days ago. In my career mode NBA the demo 2k19 the nature of the game mode we played in the initial phases of the prelude will be downloadable for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one on 31 August. An impressive video was made with the announcement of Lebron james2i of describing the game. You can view this video from the following link.