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Gallery / the cinema, especially in recent years, Super Heroes, race, gender, religious content aside, I started to see in the last period. DC side, Green Lantern, Simon baz with the month of Ramadan as we celebrate Marvel , Ms. marvel, Kamala Khan, is preparing to put out to the universe so cinematic.Both DC and marvel in many Muslim-oriented character, are of Middle Eastern or Arab origin, although there are a few Turk between them in an interesting way. Also in this list the multitude of DC characters, could hit you in your eye. The reason for it, I think about 18 or 19 years ago, DC Comics in those years Justice League team by sending it to other countries that responded to significant events that have occurred in those countries we saw. Of course one of them Turkey , our character and our first DC Teutonic Knight. it came in.We line the novel , like Super Heroes, we usually keep apart from the direction of nor religion nor race. He loves them all equally and we count. But this time, ready when the month of Ramadan came, we made an exception, Muslim characters in comics, but not all, have listed the important ones for you. In the series marvel new warriors 58. Numbers located on the side of good in Syria, the same number of agent Batal died. 4 Müslüman Süper Kahramanlar

Josiah X

Captain America the Super-Soldier serum like Captain America, Josiah X is exposed to a costume, having predominantly black and afterwards black Panthers feats of doing with a group which is in charge of the crew joins.

His real name Abdul Qamar, the first Arab character in our Incredible Hulk 257. the issue appeared. Magic flying carpets and a magic sword. Marvel contest of Champions, which is one of the most popular comics are also a very key role. On our list is another version of Arabian Knight. Union Jack first vol. 3 1. We have the same issue that appears in a character to use the sword, not to damage special wearing a dress. 8 Müslüman Süper Kahramanlar Sinbadand the first Name Davood Nassur Superman Vol. Of 2 48. Our numbers in this adolescent character, using a belt of alien technology. Lex luthor also be used maliciously, rather than by opposing it by itself has taken place in the ranks of the best 10 Müslüman Süper Kahramanlar The word Jasmineitself in the series Arrow Oliver Queen’s list if you have the audience before we’ve seen. Jasmine is the daughter of a family who is smuggling weapons Words. Word first birds of prey 87. The number of squad appeared in issue 67 and suicide. Not as deadshot, but who are adept at him closely and say the gun was sent to jail and there Waller Amanda caught by huntress and black Canary, deadshot for suicide squad team was fulfilled. One day, was killed by deadshot in the secret six against the operation, and has come back as a black Lantern in the blackest night series. 12 Müslüman Süper Kahramanlar

Wise Last

Located in DC, this character is the leader of the group of wise blood Syndicate first came to our last 1996. Your own comics featuring this character’s special powers to be resistant against all kinds of physical shocks. 14 Müslüman Süper Kahramanlar Dustof Afghan descent who is sooray to Qadir, of the X-Men member. When it is desired to remove the veil while the slave by slave traders into the sand Soraya himself in Afghanistan the X-Corps finds. Jean grey X-Men invited Dust for a long time, the X-Men as part of the team is located. Him in the sand a sandstorm and his conversion that are capable of creating X-Men first release date of the member if it is published in 2002 new X-Men 133. number emerges.
Kamala Khan is an inhuman being who is of Pakistani descent, for he could stretch his arms and legs, the mountain is rather elastic with a force, Ms. Marvel. In fact, is a big fan of captain marvel has decided to fight criminals, and to him in a nurturing way. We have seen in the most recent Ms. marvel Civil War 2 ’S solo comics from the comic book store you can find also in our country. Simon baz, who is of Lebanese origin, many Lebanese living in Detroit with his family the residence of the province. After finishing University, finds a job in the automotive industry, and afterwards across the country remain unemployed during the economic crisis. As a result of this began to steal a car and sell it. One day when he went to steal the car again and saw that it was installed in the car coincidently was the amount of dynamite in that Car the cops to follow. Simon believed and was driven to prove his own innocence, who tries to Guantanamo Bay. While there he was subjected to various tortures himself picked out the Green Lantern ring. Now try to be both innocent and would fight in the name of good. Compared to other Green Lantern Simon baz is wearing a mask and carrying a real gun.
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