MSI computers brings android games!


MSI‘s next that it will produce on the computers installed by default , which was said to come from the MSI, App, Player app, robust constructed infrastructure if you have in the next period promises to be very popular it looks like. Some users who say that mobile games should be played on mobile platforms, this kind of applications is a cheat tool that actually argues.

PUBG, had published against the wiles update!

This kind of tricks to turn a blind eye, who don’t want to PUBG Developer Team April in the month before an update is published. After this update game Mobile is mobile players with emulators thanks to the keyboard-and-mouse with support between players, a distinction was brought in. This is two different teams against each other are loving and only those who belong to the same species, competition could be. These applications at least PUBG their players to cheat support will not be able to provide on the market that do not make this distinction, even though a lot of game companies there are.

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