Mount & blade II: in which commercial activities will be bannerlord?


Mount & blade II: Bannerlord the first question that comes to mind about when this game will be released? Though the production company Taleworlds, we can say that these questions about the game, except has answers to all questions. Published on their blog, the developer shared a lot of information about the game. Mount & blade II: bannerlord also curiosity about a subject of in-game trading system and economic activity was the presence of. Some comments from the company came talworlds relevant developer.

Mount & blade II: bannerlord able to make trades in

How mount & blade in the games, the countries aim to conquer a challenge, conqueror, though quite a bit of money in order to meet the needs of your army especially needed. To do that, we bought cheaply from town to town selling goods more expensive in other cities. This trading system in a manner more improved mount & blade II: Bannerlordwill be present in. According to the information specified in the block, the game will include a very different venture. These initiatives include:

*Brewery (beer from grain produces)

*Butcher (produces meat from livestock)

*Linen Weaving (from flax, produces linen fabric)

*Mill (producing flour from grain)

*Olive Presses (olive oil from olives produces)

*Pottery (Clay, produces a clay pot)

*Blacksmith (Iron and produce weapons and armor)

*Barn (Horses…. at produces!)

*Tannery (leather Armor produces Pelts)

*Textile industry (Wool produces fabric and clothing)

*The tree workshop (Tree produces weapons and shield)

About the game play yet a Release date has not provided.